Church Updates

Updated Elder Statement on Covid-19 and Masking

Dear Church family,

As you know, over the past two months, because of the COVID surge and the high rates of hospitalizations in our area we have been requiring masks in both of our morning services while only making exceptions for health issues that are laid out in executive order 20-81. However, we as your elders have decided to go back to our previous masking requirements that we had put in place before the surge in cases and hospitalizations in our region. These protocols will begin this upcoming Sunday, February 7th. We are doing this for two reasons.

  1. Hospitalization rates in our region are in the green.
  2. The COVID case trend in our area has been in a continual decline.

As a reminder, here is what our masking requirements will be for our two morning services. Again, these are based on what Minnesota has included in executive order 20-81.

  • First service (9:00am): Will remain a mask mandatory service, and we would ask that people keep their masks on as much as possible during this time. However, those who are preaching or leading in song or not required to wear a mask while dispensing those duties.
  • Second service (10:30am): We will be requiring everyone to wear a face mask while entering and exiting the building until you are seated in your group or outside of the building (unless you have an exemption as defined by section 8a-c of the executive order). Once you are seated, we recommend, if possible, that you keep your facemask on throughout the service. If you do not have a face mask, we will be able to provide you with one.
    • Children 2 and under should never wear a facemask and those who are 3-5years old are not required but encouraged to wear a mask if they can do so properly.

Note on 2nd service: Like first service the worship team and speakers will not be wearing a mask while they are on the platform. Also, there are many circumstances laid out in the executive order where facemasks may be removed for a time. Though we recommend face masks while participating in our morning services we also realize that for some it will make active participation in our services difficult. In those situations, we will leave it up to individuals to decide whether they will remove their mask or not. (See sections 8a-c, 10a-k of the executive order for more information)

  • If you do need to get up during service, we would ask that you wear a mask and try to limit where you go in the building. If you are using the bathroom, please follow proper hand washing procedures and wash for a full 20 seconds.

We are still asking that if you are sick you stay home. Also, if you are part of a high risk population, we would recommend that you stay home. We will still be live streaming our services and though it is not what we desire for people long term it is a safe alternative at this time for those in those two categories. If you have any questions, please contact one of the elders. We look forward to seeing all of you this Sunday.


The Elders

John Young

Dan Cravillion

Ryan Perry

Eric Mattie

Steve Thompson

LEFC Update on COVID-19 and Masks

Dear LEFC Family,

Most of you have heard the news that COVID-19 has been rapidly surging. This has been happening all over the Midwest, but especially in Minnesota and Wisconsin, and of course in the Coulee Region. This unfortunately has put a strain on local businesses and schools as closures and greater capacity limits have been enforced. However, it has also put a great strain on our local hospital systems as these rising numbers have pushed capacity limits to the max and has affected the quality of care that they can give.

This surge unfortunately is greater than many health professionals had anticipated. And these professionals along with many government officials are trying to take action to help lower the spread of this virus. The goal in all of this is for people to be safe, healthy, and able to get the adequate medical care that is needed in our area and across our two states.

However, we as God’s people will not live in fear. In the state of Minnesota, we are still within our right to meet together and we will continue to do so despite the rising numbers in our area. Yet, we also believe that we need to meet with caution and to do our part to not only protect the people that come to our services, but also the community at large. With that in mind, we as the elders, have decided that we will make both of our morning services mask mandatory. (As a reminder, we were already doing this in our first service, but we will now make this a requirement of our 2nd service as well.) This means that we will be asking people to mask if they are unmasked and it also means that we will turn away those who are unwilling to follow these requirements.

We realize that this is not anybody’s favorite way to conduct our services, but after discussing this issue with health professionals in our area we believe it is what is necessary and right at this time. We also understand that there are some of you who have medical conditions that make it unsafe for you to wear a mask during our morning services. If you are one of these people we would ask that you either stay home and watch our services online or contact us ahead of time to let us know that you have a legitimate medical issue that will prohibit you from wearing a mask within our morning services.

On a positive note, we are still planning on providing all the other ministries that we have been currently providing. This includes, Sunday services, nursery, prayer meetings, men’s ministry, women’s ministry, and small groups. However, we do ask in all ministries that people exercise caution. And when those ministries are being conducted in our church building, we will require that each participant be masked and distanced during those times.

We know that these are difficult and less than ideal times for everyone, but we believe that God will use even this for the good of his people at LEFC and for the good of the gospel in our community and region. If you have questions, please contact our elder chair John Young. God bless to you all and may God’s kingdom come and will be done in all of these things as it is in heaven.

P.S. Don’t worry if you forget your mask, we do have masks available in the foyer for your convenience.

Your Elders,
John Young
Dan Cravillion
Ryan Perry
Eric Mattie
Steve Thompson

LEFC’s Position on the Governing Authorities and COVID-19

Dear Church Family,

We as your elder council understand that we are in very unprecedented times. Never before have we had to deal with something like COVID-19. Not only has it required us to quarantine, but it effectively shut down our economy for a time. Many of us thought this was going to be a short-term event that would allow us to quickly get back to life as normal. However, as more information has become available, health professionals and government officials have found themselves in the position of having to make hard decisions as it relates to the virus.

There has also been a lot of conflicting information being given about the seriousness of this virus. And with this information swirling around us many have found themselves asking whether these social restrictions and mandates are legitimate or right. Along with that, if these restrictions and mandates are not legitimate, should we still obey them.

With these concerns in mind, we wanted to give you our thoughts about these restrictions and how we believe we are called to relate to the governing authorities at this time.

1. Do we believe that COVID-19 is a serious virus?

We realize that there is a lot of conflicting information out there about the seriousness of this virus. However, we have consulted with health professionals that we trust, and do believe that it is good and right for individuals to be concerned about the spread and associated health risks of COVID-19 at this time. However, the Elders position on how we are to relate to the governing authorities is not based on what we believe or don’t believe about the seriousness of this virus. Rather, we are doing our best to make decisions based on the Word of God and how it calls us to live in relation to each other, and the authorities that are above us. For it is our desire in all things that the gospel of Jesus Christ will not be hindered but will shine brightly in our midst and the world around us.

2. What does Romans 13:1-2 teach us about the governing authorities?

Romans 13:1-2 says: [1] Let every person be subject to the governing authorities. For there is no authority except from God, and those that exist have been instituted by God. [2] Therefore whoever resists the authorities resists what God has appointed, and those who resist will incur judgment.

From this passage we learn that we are supposed to submit to the governing authorities (V. 1a). The governing authorities have been put over us by God (V. 1b). That if we resist the authorities then we are resisting what God has appointed (V. 2). And, in our resistance, we may incur judgement (V. 2b). In addition to this, Paul even goes on in verse 4 to say that they are God’s servant for our good. In the same way, 1 Peter 2:13–14 calls us to the exact same kind of submission to authority when Peter writes:

[13] Be subject for the Lord’s sake to every human institution, whether it be to the emperor as supreme, [14] or to governors as sent by him to punish those who do evil and to praise those who do good.

Peter even goes on to write in verse 17 that we should honor the emperor.

These are important instructions from Paul and Peter given the fact that both were enduring a government that was actively opposed to Christianity. However, despite what they were facing, they believed it was good and right to obey the governing authorities and that obeying was for our good. Also, Paul believed that obeying these authorities was one of the ways that we are to obey God.

Therefore, we believe it is vitally important, whenever possible, to obey the governing authorities. They are sovereignly appointed by God, and our obedience to those authorities bring honor and glory to him.

3. What does Acts 5:29 teach us about the right time to disobey the governing authorities?

Acts 5:29 says: Acts 5:29 [29] But Peter and the apostles answered, “We must obey God rather than men….”

Peter’s words in this passage were in response to the Pharisee’s threatening the apostles and telling them to not teach and preach about Jesus Christ. In this way, the early church was being targeted specifically for their belief in and teaching about Jesus Christ. Therefore, it was good and right for Peter to let them know that they were going to obey God rather than men.

Likewise, we believe it is good and right to disobey any local, state, or federal authority when they are trying to shut us down because of what we believe and teach. We will not allow any authority except God’s word dictate what we can and cannot teach. Nor will we allow any authority to unfairly alter how we proclaim our faith

4. Do the current restrictions during this pandemic give us permission to disobey the governing authorities?

The short answer for us is no.

We do not believe that we are being unfairly singled out as a church for what we believe and teach. Also, we do not believe that the restrictions that are in place are unfairly altering how we proclaim those beliefs. Therefore, we are okay, at this time, with the mask requirements, social distancing, and capacity limits. We are not being unfairly persecuted, and it is good and right to obey the authorities who are trying to protect communities and peoples from the effects of this virus.

We also believe that we are doing what is best for our church family while being a good witness to the culture at large. In so doing we are motivated to embody the words of Jesus when he said, “love thy neighbor as thyself,” so that the light of Christ would be proclaimed in our midst and to the world around us.

5. What about Romans 14?

Romans 14 lays out the reality that we are to not pass judgement on one another when we each hold different positions, especially on issues that are not clearly spelled out in the Bible. Does this mean we have a license to sin or go against God’s Word? No. But it does mean that well-meaning and Bible believing Christians can hold different views on these issues while respecting one another and not condemning each other or separating fellowship.

This is especially important during this time of pandemic and restrictions. Some will believe the virus is very serious and these restrictions are good while others will see it as not serious and these restrictions as a taking away of our rights. We believe that we each have the freedom to discuss and disagree on these issues, but must disagree in a way where we are not judging our fellow Christians nor are we putting a stumbling block of faith in their path. As Paul writes in Romans 14:13:

[13] Therefore let us not pass judgment on one another any longer, but rather decide never to put a stumbling block or hindrance in the way of a brother.

Family of God, we hope that this helps you to better understand where we, as your elders, are coming from as we have been making decision about our church gatherings and the governing authorities during this time of pandemic. We know that our current setup is not perfect, but we also believe that God is using this time to show us his faithfulness while still building his church in enduring faith.

We would continue to covet your prayers during this time as we lead through these murky waters, and we would encourage everyone to be praying for those in authority over us. Pray that they would make wise and God honoring decisions as it relates to the virus and how we operate on a local, state, and federal level. Again, let’s also be people that discuss these issues with love and grace with the hope that we will build each other up in faith and that we, as a church family, will be a shining witness to the greatness of our God and savior Jesus Christ. And lastly, may the words of Paul guide us through this time when he writes in Colossians 3:14-17:

[14] And above all these put on love, which binds everything together in perfect harmony. [15] And let the peace of Christ rule in your hearts, to which indeed you were called in one body. And be thankful. [16] Let the word of Christ dwell in you richly, teaching and admonishing one another in all wisdom, singing psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, with thankfulness in your hearts to God. [17] And whatever you do, in word or deed, do everything in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him.

If you do have any questions about what is contained in this letter, please contact one of your elders either by phone or in person, and we would love to discuss this issue further with you. God bless to you all and may the love, peace, and word of Christ dwell in you richly.


Your Elders

Church Reopening: What You Need to Know

Dear Church Family,

We hope that this finds you all well as the weather is getting warmer and we can all begin to get outdoors and enjoy God’s glorious creation. If you have not already heard, we are excited to announce that we will be resuming in-person services this Sunday, June 7th. However, in order to make that happen we are making some adjustments so that we can gather in a way that will be safe and make others feel comfortable. Below are the important changes that we want you to be aware of:

Sunday Morning Services:

What you need to know before you Come:

  • We will still have our two morning services at 9:00 a.m. and 10:30 a.m.
  • The first service will be mask mandatory and the second will be mask optional.
    • If you forget your mask or don’t have one you can ask one of the ushers and they will be able to get one for you.
  • Our two morning services will be limited to 50 people per service so we can maintain proper social distancing.
    • The chairs will be distanced from each other in groups of two, but if your family is larger than two then you may push chairs together.
  • Since space for each service is limited you and your family must sign-up for the particular service you would like to attend using the website Sign-up A sign-up link will be sent out via email on Monday of every week. It is first come first serve.
    • If you are not tech savvy you may also email or call the church office and Jodi will sign you up.
    • If you are scheduled to volunteer in one or both morning services you will be pre-registered for those services. However, the rest of your family must still sign-up for one of the morning services.
    • Services are filled up on a first come first serve basis and we cannot go over the 50-person maximum. So if you would like to attend please sign-up as soon as possible.
    • If you don’t sign-up and just walk in on a Sunday morning you may be seated if the sign-up is not full. However, if the sign-up is full, you will have to wait 5-7 minutes after service starts to see if someone doesn’t show up and a seat becomes available. If it doesn’t, we will have to ask you to leave but will give you the necessary information so you may sign-up for services in future weeks.
    • If you are a family with little kids, please be advised that there will be no Sunday school for the entire summer. Also, the nursery will be closed June 7th and will reopen on June 14th, but only for the 10:30 a.m. service.

Note: If for some reason you are not feeling well, have been around people who have been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, or are immune compromised, please stay home and join us through the LEFC livestream on Facebook or YouTube at 10:30 a.m.

What you need to know when you are here:

  • While you are here, we would ask that all greetings be non-contact greetings.
    • For health and safety purposes we will not do the normal greeting time at the beginning of our services.
  • When you come into the church please find your seats as quickly as possible.
    • We will not be passing the plate for offering so you can drop your offering in the offering box that is right inside the sanctuary doors.
    • We will also not pass the communion plates so please grab your communion supplies from the table right outside of the sanctuary doors.

Note: We will not have communion in June but will resume our normal communion schedule on the first Sunday in July.

  • Each morning service will be limited to an hour. This means that the announcements, sermon, and music portions of the service will be shortened.
    • We are doing this to give people ample time to leave before the next group comes in, and it gives the ushers/cleaning team time to reset the sanctuary and sanitize the chairs, bathrooms, and other surfaces after each service. (With this in mind, please get here no earlier than 15 minutes before the service starts).
  • If you do need to get up during service, we would ask that you try to limit where you go in the building.
    • If you need to use the bathroom, please follow proper hand washing procedures and wash for a full 20 seconds.
    • Hand sanitizers will also be available throughout the building.
  • Once service is over, please exit the building as quickly as possible. The back rows will exit first followed by each successive row.
    • We realize that people will want to stay and fellowship with one another, but we would ask that you do this either in the parking lot or grassy area out back.

Note: The kitchen, offices, and downstairs will be off limits unless you are authorized to be in those spaces. Also, all volunteers, including the person preaching will be temperature checked prior to the morning services.

We realize that these changes may feel like a lot, however, know that it is our desire to ensure the safety and comfort of those who attend LEFC. Also, realizing that people have different thoughts about the seriousness of this pandemic we would ask that each person work to love, serve, and respect one another when it comes to our differing comfort levels. As Philippians 2:3 says “…but in humility count others as more significant than yourselves.” Or as it says in Galatians 5:13, “For you were called to freedom, brothers. Only do not use your freedom as an opportunity for the flesh, but through love serve one another.”

As your elders we are excited to see all of you and we are praising God that he has worked mightily so that we are able to meet. We are praying for you all and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday. If you have any questions about our reopening plan contact the church office and either Jodi or one of the elders will get back to you in a timely fashion. Until then, may God grant you peace and joy as you endure in faith during this trying time.


With much love,

The Elders

LEFC Reopening Plans

Dear Church Family,

We have some exciting news! We will officially be reopening for services on June 7th. We know that there are many things to be done before then and there will be many ways that we need to adjust what we do in order to keep people safe and make them feel comfortable. However, we rejoice at the great work that God has done to make this a reality for our body. Below is a short 5 minute video from Pastor Dan on our reopening plans and how we are making preparations so that we can safely gather together. An email laying these plans out in greater depth will also be coming out at the beginning of next week.
Until then, we know that our situation has people on different ends of the spectrum as it relates to the seriousness of this pandemic. However, we would ask that each person be praying and asking God to prepare their heart for this return. That we would be able to love and serve one another and consider each other better than ourselves as we seek to come together. Below is a link to an article that reminds us of how we can show counter-cultural love to one another and remain united as the body of Christ during this time. We hope you find this article and video resource helpful as we prepare to see one another face to face on June 7th.
The Elders


Weekly Encouragement Video from Pastor Dan

Hello Brothers and Sisters,

Below is Pastor Dan’s weekly encouragement video. Listen as he walks us through a devotional from Charles Spurgeon’s Morning and Evening. If you find this devotional encouraging you can have it sent daily right to your email inbox. To do this follow the link below and sign-up for these daily emails through Alistair Begg’s ministry Truth for Life. Again, we miss you all and it is our hope to be back together soon. Until then may God continue to encourage you and strengthen you with joy to proclaim his kingdom and the good news of the gospel.
Morning and Evening Daily Devotional

Update on Reopening

Dear Church Family,

We hope that this note finds you well. As your elders we wanted to send you a message and update you on where we are at as it relates to reopening the church for in person services. Our plan, at this time, is to reopen our doors for services on Sunday, June 7th. This of course is contingent upon Minnesota’s new Stay Safe order being lifted on or by June 1st. We will follow the guidelines that the federal and local governments lay out for meeting which will mean that our two morning services will be limited to no more than 50 people per service. We will also ask that the most vulnerable within our congregation stay home and join with us online via the livestream. This limited capacity means that each person and/or family will have to sign-up for a particular service each week to ensure that we can maintain our 50-person limit. Once the 50-person maximum limit is lifted we will allow people to freely choose what service they would like to attend without restricting the number in attendance.

When we do come back together either in groups of 50 or larger, we do believe that it is in the best interest of the body of Christ and our community to still maintain social distancing and sanitation regulations. We are currently working on how we will implement these at LEFC, but we do know that for the time being we will not resume any of the Sunday school classes. Also, on our first Sunday back together we will prohibit the use of the nursery and the prayer room to help us better focus on how we can safely execute our main worship services. However, the goal would be to resume the pre-service prayer time and the use of the nursery on the second Sunday of in person services. Lastly, our services will remain about an hour long to let one group leave before the next comes. This is due in large part to the fact that we have a small building which makes social distancing difficult.

We know that there are many more details that we need to work out, but we wanted to give you a brief update on our plan at this point. More detailed information will be coming within the next week so please be sure to check your email, our Facebook page, and our website regularly for updates. In the meantime, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact one of the pastors or elders. We miss you all and we can’t wait to be back together as the body of Christ, worshiping our Triune God, and living out on earth a foretaste of the heavenly fellowship and worship that is to come.


The Elder Council

Pastor Dan’s Weekly Encouragement

Hi Church Family,

Check out this link to Pastor Dan’s weekly encouragement. We hope that God is continuing to strengthen you with unspeakable joy even in the midst of these trying times. We as your elders miss you all and we can’t wait to be back together soon. Also, if you missed any of the other encouragement videos please check out our YouTube channel for all of these and more.

Weekly Encouragement from Pastor Dan

Brothers & sisters,

During this time of sheltering at home your Elders desire to encourage you in your faith.  We know that you have many resources available to uplift you but we felt it was important for you to hear from us as well.  Because of our desire to love you and serve you we will be sending out a weekly 3-5 minute encouragement video from one of your Elders.

The first one is from me, Pastor Dan.  Please check out the video below. May you rejoice in the great salvation Jesus provided joyfully for you!  He is risen!

Only by His grace,
Pastor Dan for the Elders

Weekly update for LEFC April 2nd, 2020

Hello LEFC Church Family!  Please see the most recent LEFC updates.  We pray you are staying safe!

Based on the most recent Safer at Home edicts from the government, the LEFC Elders have decided to suspend in-person services and ministries at LEFC through April 30th.

In addition, we will postpone the LEFC Annual Members Meeting (previously scheduled for April 19) until we can meet again as a body in person.  We will keep you posted as soon as a date for the meeting is able to be scheduled.

Join us for on-line Mandy Thursday service next Thursday, April 9 at 6:30 p.m. Listen Online We will have communion at this service, and we encourage you to participate by partaking of the bread and wine/juice as you are able.  (Please note that there is no communion this Sunday.)

On Saturday April 11 at 8:00 a.m. Men’s Ministry will be having a virtual meeting utilizing Zoom. Our study will be in Chapter 7, God Most Faithful, in the book In His Image. If you have any questions, contact Steve Thompson or check your email for the link.

Pastor Dan’s sabbatical
 is postponed until further notice so that he and the Elders are available to minister to the body of LEFC.  Please see contact information for the Elders at the end of this email. 
Worship with us this Sunday, April 5: Sermon Verse – Romans 8:1
There will be a new audio sermon – complete with worship music and message from Pastor Dan – posted on our website Sunday morning at 10:30 a.m.  Song lyrics are attached to this email. You can access the message on our website and click on the “Listen” tab or use this link  Listen Online

Prayer Requests:  Please send any prayer requests/concerns/praises you may have to the church office email at  Prayer requests received will be sent in the weekly prayer email.  Urgent prayer requests can be sent to or directly to one of the pastors.

Needs:  If you have any needs, or if you are available to help people and meet needs that arise in the LEFC body, please contact contact one our pastors. 

Be Encouraged: Stay in the Word! Last week Pastor Dan reminded us to take our thoughts captive (2 Corinthians 10:3-5).  Please also be in prayer for our church family, our communities, and our nation.  Stay encouraged by drawing close to the One Who Holds It All. 

The steadfast love of the LORD never ceases;
    his mercies never come to an end;
they are new every morning;
    great is your faithfulness. Lamentations 3:22-23