Our Missions Committee
God said through the prophet Malachi, “My name is great among the nations from the rising to the setting of the sun…” (Malachi 1:11). And to that end, the LEFC Missions Committee devotes its work. In fact, its mission statement declares: “To glorify God through the proclamation of the Gospel to all the nations in order to develop healthy disciples and churches of Jesus Christ.”
With few exceptions, the missions committee puts special emphasis on areas of unengaged peoples – places where no known active church planting is underway. With a robust 17% of the church budget allocated for missions, current outreach spans 5 continents.

The committee also works to ensure that when a missionary partners with LEFC, they partner with a family. One that not only supports them financially, but also in prayer. A missionary of the month designation supplies the congregation with prayer requests from the field, thus providing each missionary with a full month of concentrated intercession for their needs.

The small group ministry at LEFC often functions as care groups for missionaries. Infrequent emails and care packages along with friendly faces from home via Zoom or facetime ensure they feel loved and appreciated.

The missions committee also encourages short term missions and recent years have found church attenders reaching out to Italy, Alaska, Germany, and India.