Don’t Forget The Story

As we continue on in our youth year we want to continually point ourselves back to the reason we gather. To learn about and proclaim the name of Jesus. We do this because we are created by our triune God for his glory, but we rebelled against the creator and the whole of creation was plunged into sin and death. In response he sent his son Jesus Christ to earth to pay the penalty for our sins and rescue us, and one day he will return to make his creation and his people completely new.
This is the main message of the Bible and it’s the story we must never forget, and it’s the story that God has called us to proclaim to others. So remember and proclaim the message of what God has done for us through Christ and may God continue to teach you about himself and may he build his kingdom as people hear the great message of Jesus Christ.
To learn more about this message we encourage you to watch the video below. If you know and follow Jesus then we would ask that you show this video to someone who may need this great message of creation, fall, rescue, and restoration.