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    Youth & Worship Pastor Position

    LEFC is looking for a full time Youth & Worship Associate Pastor!  To learn more, read the job description below.  To apply, send a cover letter and resume` to Pastor Dan (see email directory in the left hand sidebar) or mail it to the church.

    Job Title: Associate Pastor of Youth and Worship
        Reports To: Directly to Senior Pastor, indirectly to the Elder Board

    Overview of Position
    This person will be responsible to promote, develop, coordinate, oversee and staff the following ministries:
        a. Youth: 30-35 hours per week. Develop strategies and programs that facilitate spiritual growth in the youth of LEFC & outreach to area youth.
        b. Worship: 10-15 hours per week. Oversee the worship ministry at all LEFC regular and special services.

        o Regularly and fervently pray on behalf of himself, his family and his church ministry.
        o Be Spirit-led, creative and Christ-centered in all areas of responsibility.
        o Recruit, train and equip all volunteer leadership for each area of ministry.
            § Provide ongoing training for leaders, teachers & facilitators.
            § Provide general spiritual, emotional and relational care to the volunteer leadership in the ministries of responsibility.
            § Train & provide opportunities for God’s people to do the work of the ministry. (Ephesians 4:12)
        o Oversee, coordinate & develop all existing youth and worship ministries at LEFC in conjunction with appropriate pastors and committees.
            § For youth this includes but is not limited to the mid-week youth program,Sunday School classes, retreats, community building & outreach events.
            § Implement a total education and ministry experience with the focus being the spiritual maturity of the believer.
            § Ensure that education goals and curriculum are consistent and compliment the goals & vision of LEFC.
            § Ongoing communication, availability and training for families.
            § Oversee Youth worship teams.
            § Provide biblical, age appropriate counseling to youth & their families.
            § Regularly consult with Senior Pastor on plans and procedures.
            § For worship this includes but is not limited to all music, video and tech for regular and special worship services.
            § Provide regular opportunities for worship team members to lead LEFC in vocal worship.

    Additional related responsibilities:
        o Regular attendance/participation in Sunday services.
        o Preach as opportunities become available.
        o Be available to the congregation before and after services as other duties allow.
        o Additional assignments as directed by Senior Pastor or Elder Board.
        o Attendance at staff meetings, as requested
        o Maintain flexible working hours as determined by the needs of his ministries.
        o Provide biblical counseling to church members regarding spiritual matters.
        o Submit reports to the church boards and congregation, as requested.

        o Personal testimony of salvation with a present abiding, passionate walk with Christ.
            § Disciplined life of regular fellowship with God in prayer and Bible study.
            § An example to the believers in personal godliness. (I Tim 4:12)
        o Maintains a proper Christian home. (I Timothy 3:1-7). Keeps appropriate biblical priorities, keeping in mind the primacy of his
        family responsibilities over his ministerial responsibilities.
        o Must evidence biblical pastoral qualifications. (Titus 1:6-9; I Timothy 3:1-13)
            § A sense of God’s call and a history of success serving in these specific ministries. (Eph. 4:11-13)
        o Agree with LEFC’s Constitution, By-Laws, Statement of Faith and vision.
        o LEFC desires a BA/BS from a Christian college, but not required.
            § The educational preference could be waived if the individual has a minimum of five years of full-time pastoral experience in these areas.
        o Desires a coordinated approach to ministries that build up rather than fragment the family.
        o Proficient in communication, administration, people skills and teaching.
        o Competent in organization, time management and interpersonal relationships.
        o Ability to work efficiently and effectively in team situations, as well as the ability to work independently.
            § Has the ability to reach out and work with believers and unbelievers.
            § Ability to identify, develop and equip leaders.

    Suggested Compensation Package
        o Salary: commensurate with experience but not to exceed associate pastor level.
        o Full-time 45-50 hours per week
        o Professional Expense: $2400/year
        o Medical Assistance: not to exceed $12,000/year
        o Vacation: 2 weeks & one week added per 5 year service at LEFC.